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BulletPro 899 Wheel Balancer


*Highly accurate sensor and computing system makes the job easy and accurate*Balancing modes includes Dynamitic, Static, Multi Alu modes and Alu for Motorcycle*Allows operator to be set up an operation procedure as frequent uses (max 4 frequent use database)*Protection hood cover up/down triggers automatic off/on*Auto-data input by simple spinning the wheel manually *Easy self-calibration*Unbalance optimization and Hidden weight functions are available*Weight placing marking allows operator to detect unbalanced spot from inside/outside of the rim *Direct-Axis drive system with within hundredths of an ounce accuracy ensures wheels are balanced and vibration-free*Touch-Sensitive Digital Controls & LED display provide user friendly interface 


*Motor: 250W 240V 50Hz *Max wheel weight: 75 kg *Balancing speed: 200 rpm*Rim diameter: 10" ~  26", 26" ~ 30" *Max wheel diameter: 47" *Max wheel width: 20" *Rim width: 1.5"-20" *Balancing precision: ±1 g
  • BulletPro 899 Wheel Balancer