BulletPro Made in Italy TC528IT Tyre Changer with Right Assisting Arm
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BulletPro Made in Italy TC528IT Tyre Changer with Right Assisting Arm

Professional and high quality tyre changer made in Italy capable of handling low profile tyres (EMT, RFT, CRS, DSST, PAX, etc.), hard, and large tyres with its tough and strong structure design of 2 locking air cylinders with 80 mm diameter control the 4 self-centre jaws to avoid sudden release of the rim during operation of particularly hard tyres.  The innovative design of 4 locking jaws fix range from 10”-28” for aluminium rims and 12”-31” for steel rims.


Check video for vivid demo how good the machine is: http://www.mbengineering.info/Video/BLOCCAGGIO-CERCHIO-IN-LEGA-CON%20PNEUMATICO-RUN-FLAT-USO-TECNOHELP.wmv  


Optional leverless system for easy operation (photo below)



Automatic tyre changer particularly suited to working on a large sized and large diameter wheels. The TC528IT is fitted standard with 4 innovative design locking jaws with a locking range from 10" to 28" for alluminium wheels and from 12" to 31" for steel rims


Motor: 3 phase 415V 2 speed   

Pneumatic Pressure: 8-12 bar   

Bead Breaking Force: 2500 kg  

Wheel Width: 3”-16”

Max Wheel Diameter: 1160 mm (46”)   

Net Weight: 238 kg

Rim Diameter (locked internally): 12”-31”    

Rim Diameter (locked externally): 10”-28”

Optional leverless system

  • optional leverless system