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BulletPro Made in Italy Dido 30 Truck Tyre Changer

Made in Italy: Great Quality and Best Affordable Product

Electro- hydraulic tyre changer, particularly suitable for operating on tubeless, grooved with ring and rim bead from 14” to 30” truck and bus wheels.









The hydraulic distribution is equipped with a valve, which regulates the operating pressure of the chuck. The regulation

of the pressure allows to also handle all types of aluminum, alloy and any kind of weak or thin rim







The operating chuck has a fast system making the bead removing

and extraction operations remarkably easy










The self- centering chuck with 4 jaws works in both directions of

rotation and it has hydraulic opening and closing with adjustable

pressure. The jaws are planned in such a way to offer you various

possibilities of locking rims, in order to be suitable for every shape

or different kind of rims, always assuring a perfect locking .







Operation on Wheels: 14" to 30"

Max Wheel Diameter: 1640 mm

Max Wheel Weight: 1200 kg

Max Wheel Width: 850 mm

Machine Weight: 605 kg

Motor: 1.5 KW (2HP)