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Car lifts, Scissor Lift and Vehicle Lift by Interequip

Interequip has been providing automotive tools and equipments with high end quality assured Scissor lifts, Car hoists and vehicle lifts as part of our tools and equipments we supply and offer. Car hoists are a basic necessity for automotive workshops since they help technicians in inspecting cars thoroughly including the undercarriage. They are also useful in changing tires and doing other regular maintenance chore. Therefore, even car owners can use them. There are different types of car hoist for sale, but while selecting one you should keep in mind the weight and height of your car as well as the height of your garage. Some hoists are suitable for low ceiling garage while others are suitable for high ceiling ones. Car hoisting and inspecting is a risky job, and therefore the hoist should be strong enough and of good quality.

We have updated our stock, and you can choose from following lifts that best best fit your need.